MaririĀ is a Quechua word that is used to describe the psychic healing powers of ayahuasca plant spirits. The piece depicts a shamanic journey through light and darkness to meet the spirits of the plants and receive that healing. CreArtBox recorded Mariri by Joshua Penman in December
The Bay Ridge Concert Series is a brand new concert series taking place at Christ Church Bay Ridge over the course of 2017.
Visuality is a spectacle that merges newly composed music with visual arts and technology. The endeavor experiments with light and sound, intersecting them in their purest forms to create an atmosphere unlike any other. Painters, sculptors, choreographers, dancers, writers, and more are all integral to
In May 18th, we presented the first edition of the CreArt Music Series at the New York Society for Ethical Culture with music of David Lang, Timo Andres, Anna Clyne, Telemann, Dvorak and Joshua Penman.
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