Chamber music

With a core ensemble of flute, violin, viola, cello and piano, CreArtBox presents traditional and contemporary chamber music with a crafted visual aesthetic.


Original productions including Architecture of a Common Man, Two Roads, Visuality, Noctum and London the Show


CreArtBox creates and produces live art performances, fusing classical and contemporary music with original ideas encouraged by multidisciplinary interaction. Our programs are designed to support professional artists, encourage the creation of new meaningful work, make world-class performances accessible to everyone regardless of background or economic circumstance, inspire and educate future generations, revitalize local communities, and nurture new ways of human expression.


Listen all our live recordings on:

Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition - 2023

Performing Debussy Sonata 2023

Architecture of a Common Man - 2022

Ravel's Piano Trio - 2022

Circle Noir Series - 2023

Performing Shostakovich's Piano Trio - 2022

Performing Mozart's Piano Sonata - 2021

Two Roads - 2019

Performing Mahler's 4th Symphony - 2021

Performing tocatta & Bruise by Celeste Oram - 2022

Performing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto 5 - 2021

Past Performances

Explore our online archive of events, with photos, videos, audio recordings, programs, posters of each CreArtBox's performances. All the way back to 2006!