CreArt Music Series

Manhattan, New York (since 2016)

A platform fostering new music works inspired by traditional repertoire.

CreArt Music Series is a program presented by CreArtBox, in collaboration with Dimenna Center and the Culture Lab, offering 5 music performances from September through May by CreArtBox soloists, as well as world-class guest artists or ensembles.

This project encourages the creation of new musical compositions of music combined with traditional music repertoires and other disciplines. The goal of the project is to provide creators and performers with a platform for collaborating, creating, recording, and presenting new works to the public.

Project Objectives:

  • Commission new music
  • Promote classical and contemporary music, especially by American Composers
  • Educate young audiences to foster an appreciation of fine music
  • Create performances based on artistic excellence
  • Create job opportunities for artists
  • Make performances accessible for everyone


CreArtBox will select the roster of composers for the 2023/24 season via the following open calls opportunities:

  • Composer-in-Residence Program
  • Commission Program
  • Call for Submissions of Classical American Contemporary Music


This project is presented at the Mary Flagler Cary Hall (Dimenna Center, Hell’s Kitchen, NY) and Culture Lab (Long Island City, Queens).

Following the success of the last 2 years of online editions, (due to COVID), the series will be published in the form of an interactive website, where the visitor can experience the performance and combine the visual component that we normally present on the stage at their own pace. 


The group’s core regularly functions as a flute, violin, viola, cello, and piano, music ensemble. Additional performers are also drawn from the group’s roster of over twenty NYC-based soloists, composers, choreographers, actors, and designers.

Engagement with the audience

A key method for embracing new audiences is by presenting a combination of diverse artistic disciplines. Although the set and stage design is the responsibility of CreArtBox, each concert involves a visual artist for at least one segment of the performance. The artists will be chosen by collaborating and organizing open calls with schools and organizations, such as the School of Visual Art, the Art Students League of New York, and Long Island City-Artists.

Music stirs up reflection. Thus, in our performances, we invite guest speakers to establish a connection between the music performed and a particular topic or theme.

Also, in order to increase the understanding and engagement in our concerts and to new music, CreArtBox composers are available to talk to the audience before or after the concert. They are also asked to write a blog article about the piece for social media and a printed magazine.

Members of CreArtBox will discuss the business aspects of running a chamber music ensemble, during some workshops in partnership with universities and music schools. Topics shall include how to form and maintain a chamber music ensemble, how to communicate effectively in rehearsals and meetings, how to choose and prepare a repertoire, and how to perform with conviction for an audience.



Mendelssohn | Trio op. 49

Gustav Mahler | 4th Symphony

Evan O. Adams | Branden Bird Can Share Too

Timo Andres | Formal Conceits

Joshua Penman | Mariri

Anna Clyne | Just as they are