Architecture of a Common Man


Architecture of a common man

Architecture of a common man is an opera-ballet-film performance that follows the journey of a world-recognized photographer working on a documentary about his own life, aiming to teach others how to be successful. While creating this documentary, he unveils a fascinating retrospective of his life. Analyzing his relationship with work, family, health, and spirituality. Eventually discovering parts of himself that were buried in his professional ambitions. The main character is split into three performers, an actor on the screen plus 2 alter egos on the stage (a contemporary dancer and an opera baritone). The music is originally written for soprano, baritone, string quartet, piano, synthesizer, and choir. This piece explores how society encourages us to be exceptional, great, perfect, successful, or unique, exploring the true meaning of success and how someone can find happiness in life by just being a common man.

Written & directed by
Guillermo Laporta

Jason Thomas Aylward

Bryan Murray . baritone
Rebecca Madeira . soprano

Dancer and choreographer
Peter Cheng

Guest performer
Jin Suganomata

Film production
Sammy Rivas & John Backstrom . Actors
Matt Harvey . Cinematographer

Yezu Woo & Johnna Wu . violin | Matthew Cohen . viola | Clare Monfredo . cello | Noah Kho . cello | Josefina Urraca . piano

Nicholas Farrauto | Cara Ferro | William Steele | Heather Bildman | Alexander Resnick | Sean Ullmer

Light, set, and projection design
Guillermo Laporta

Produced by


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