Educational and Cultural Institutions:

  • New York Public Library: Collaborates with CreArtBox to offer tickets to low-income individuals, ensuring that world-class performances are accessible to everyone, regardless of economic circumstance.

  • Steinway & Sons: Providing support for performances and events, Steinway & Sons collaborates with CreArtBox to ensure the highest quality of piano music at their concerts. This partnership enhances the ensemble's musical offerings.

  • Materials For the Arts: This organization provides invaluable resources by serving as a bridge to donors of equipment, musical instruments, materials, and props that are key to our performances.

  • The William Vale: situated in the heart of Brooklyn, is home to the innovative music series Circle Noir. Here, CreArtBox collaborates with inspiring visual artists and composers to create an immersive 360-degree concert experience.
  • Queens Theater: Queens Theater collaborates with CreArtBox to support and host performances, contributing to the ensemble's mission of making classical music accessible to the local community.

  • Flushing Town Hall: As a venue for performances and events, Flushing Town Hall provides a supportive space for CreArtBox to present their innovative concerts. This partnership helps to expand the ensemble's presence in the cultural scene of New York.

  • Culture Lab LIC: Serving as a venue residency and performance partner, Culture Lab LIC supports CreArtBox by providing space for performances and rehearsals. This partnership enables CreArtBox to present innovative and multidisciplinary performances in a vibrant cultural environment.
  • DiMenna Center: This venue is a key performance space for CreArtBox, offering excellent acoustics and an intimate setting for chamber music concerts. The hall supports the ensemble's mission to deliver high-quality performances that engage and inspire audiences.

Funding and Support:

  • New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA): NYSCA provides substantial funding support, helping CreArtBox to create and produce their innovative performances. This funding is crucial for commissioning new works and supporting the ensemble's operational costs.

  • Amphion Foundation: This foundation supports CreArtBox through grants that enable the ensemble to continue its mission of blending classical and contemporary music with other art forms. The Amphion Foundation's support is vital for the ensemble's growth and sustainability.

  • Alice M. Ditson Fund: The Ditson Fund provides financial assistance that helps CreArtBox to commission new compositions and present contemporary music. This support enhances the ensemble's repertoire and promotes the creation of new works.

  • Queens Council on the Arts: Through grants and funding, the Queens Council on the Arts supports CreArtBox's efforts to engage with the local community and present accessible performances. This partnership is essential for expanding the ensemble's outreach programs.

  • Aspect Foundation: The Aspect Foundation provides grants that assist CreArtBox in producing high-quality performances and educational programs. This funding supports the ensemble's goal of making classical music accessible to diverse audiences.

  • Spain Arts and Culture: This organization supports CreArtBox's international collaborations and performances, helping to bridge cultural exchanges between Spain and the United States. Their support enables the ensemble to present unique and culturally enriching performances.

  • Asturias Government: The government of Asturias supports CreArtBox's initiatives in Spain, including festivals and educational programs. This partnership helps the ensemble to expand its reach and impact in rural areas of Spain.