Suite for fl & pno


CreArtBox collaborates with costume and set designer Mizuko Kaji, known for her previous work at Visuality in 2016, to present AWAVE in Japan. This multimedia concert features flute, piano, video, and electronics, promising a unique and immersive experience. ⁠

Awave (Heart Rate)
Tokyo Production Manhattan, New York Production Queens, New York Production

Ryogoku Monten Hall, Tokyo

Renee Weiler Concert Hall, New York

Plaxall Gallery, New York


Guillermo Laporta *

Awave Suite for flute Piano and Electronics

I. The Craziest Thing

II. Brown Leaves Moving

III. Traveling Again

IV. Heart Rate

V. Waiting for the Light

VI. Follow the Quiet Wave

VII. Morse Deployment

VIII. Inspirit

IX. Hymn to the Distant Light (Reprise)