VISUALITY (2014-16)

Visuality is a full-scale music and theater production that develops a narrative inspired by studies by Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers.Written by Guillermo Laporta and Jacopo Rampini and choreographed by Marissa Maislen, Visuality fuses the music of Sebastian Currier, Joshua Penman, Debussy, Paul Moravec, Jacob TV, Joan Tower, Marcos Fernandez, and Frederic Rzewski.In the production, a psychoanalyst explores the deepest chambers of his mind through music, poetry, and observation. The main chracter, Dr. Reyn, narrates a meditation on human mental exploration. As he gradually discovers his own bipolar disorder, he exposes his self-consciousness in the physical universe and unveils complex, mysterious, and visceral stories that expand beyond reality.Dr. Reyn’s inner mind is reflected in the commutable set design. Cubes surround the scene, the musicians, and the audience, utilizing video mapping techniques to bring to life this captivating world.

“a variety of art forms to create a wholly authentic, visually and aurally compelling experience”
Broadway World

Written by

Jacopo Rampini 

Guillermo Laporta 

Costume design by

Mizuko Kaji 

Light design by

Jane Fox 

Projection & set design by

Guillermo Laporta 


Marcos Fernández 

Claude Debussy 

Joshua Penman 

Sebastian Currier

Paul Moravec 

Jacob TV 


Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet Piano, Percussion (optional) Acrobat/dancer, Actor Total: 7 artist

Past Productions

December 2016, Queens Theatre 

May 2015, CSV Center, New York

March 2015, The Tank Theater, New York 

November 2014, Artisphere Theater, D.C.

Supported by