Opera Noctum

A multimedia opera for chamber ensemble physical actor, aerialist and soprano

One of the first lunar eclipses observed by humans gave rise to hundreds of stories that attempted to explain the phenomenon. In this production, the nightmare becomes revealed for the first time in the world of dreams.

Érebo, a dark creature that wanders among the shadows, lives in a dark world observing how people’s dreams are created. Érebo does not know what it is to dream, as he doesn’t have the capacity to do so in his creature body. However, each evening he watches as Elhüa, goddess of the night, places the moon in the sky to begin unfolding the dreams of people.

Érebo, disturbed by his curiosity, ascends to the human world and decides to steal the moon, believing that with it in his hands he can immerse himself in the beautiful world of dream and fantasy.

Érebo’s attempts are unsuccessful and he becomes increasingly desperate as he fails. He decides to break the moon into thousands of pieces, lacking the awareness that this act destroys the world of pleasant dreams and emboldens the world of nightmares.

Meanwhile, Elhüa tries desperately to find and repair the pieces of the moon to save people from suffering nightmares night after night, never to rest again.

Vidio Mapping

Palacio de la Audiencia, Soria

Teatro de Barakaldo

Auditorio San Francisco, Monzón


Marcos Fernandez *

Opera Noctum


Guillermo Laporta, flute

Josefina Urraca, piano

Luis Miguel Garcia, violin

Alvaro Llorente, cello

Tagore Gonzalez, clarinet

Eugenia Enguita, singer

Miguel Branca, actor

Vicky and Angel, aerealist

Diego and Elena, aerealist