Just as they are

At the Plaxall Gallery in Queens, New York, "Just As They Are" marked the captivating finale of the CreArt Festival, showcasing the complete core ensemble of CreArtBox—flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano—enhanced by a full-scale set design and a unique visual approach. The eclectic program featured a diverse repertoire, including Claude Debussy's "Petite Suite" (arranged by Michael Webster), David Lang's "Sweet air," Telemann's "Third Paris Quartet (TWV 43: G4)," Anna Clyne's "Just as they are," Brahms' "Trio op.114," Joshua Penman's "Dawnlight," and Marcos Fernandez's "Eclipse." ⁠

Highlights of the 2018 Festival
Claude Debussy - Petite Suite

Plaxal Gallery, New York


Claude Debussy (arr. Michael Webster)

Petite Suite

David Lang *

Sweet air


Third Paris Quartet (TWV 43: G4)

Anna Clyne *

Just as they are


Trio op.114

Joshua Penman *


Marcos Fernandez *



Marissa Maislen, dancer and choreographer

Mélanie Clapiès, violin

Julia Yang, cello

Jonathan Cohen, clarinet

Josefina Urraca, piano

Guillermo Laporta, flute