Cullyn D. Murphy

Composer, conductor, and reluctant vocalist, Cullyn D. Murphy (he/him) focuses on amplifying the already existent musical components of sight, taste, touch, and smell in order to gain access to different modes of storytelling through music. More recently, he has been revisiting his rock band roots in communal music-making by creating music that engages with different varieties of performer input through unconventional notation and co-composition. Murphy's music has been described as “theatrical," "riveting and inventive,” and "push[ing] the idea of what music and musical organization is." (Composer's Toolbox)

Murphy is an active performer, director, and composer for the new music trio AmiEnsemble. He has received fellowships through the RED NOTE New Music Festival, the Loretto Project, and the Line Upon Line Winter Composer Festival. His music has been performed and commissioned by the Longleash Trio, Fifth House Ensemble, Line Upon Line Percussion, the Thompson Street Opera Company, Unheard-of Ensemble, Illinois State University's Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Louisville University Symphony Orchestra, Wm. Riley Leitch, Will Yager, Jasmine Tsui, and many others. His private studies include Roy Magnuson, Carl Schimmel, Sean Shepherd, Martha C. Horst, Steve Rouse, Krzysztof Wolek, Eric Moe, Mathew Rosenblum, and Amy Williams.