Annamaria Kowalsky

Growing up in a theatrical environment Annamaria Kowalsky has been imprinted with multidisciplinarity from early age on. She was trained as an instrumentalist at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and studied philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Being an autodidact and avid learner she pursued her passion for visual art alongside her studies as a violist and channeled her observations and research about consciousness and its possibilities of communication into her doctorate.

Mastering multiple disciplines is expansion, not distraction. It is a process of intertwined translation which provides her with a diversity of expressive possibilities. Her musical and artistic works are performed and exhibited internationally. She has received wide recognition for her innovative approaches and her efforts to combine different media. For these reasons, the Arvo Pärt Center in Estonia invited her to open their new residency program and to be the first guest to spend a creative period at the center. Since 2020 her compositions are published by Universal Edition.