A Wonderful Day

Founded by the government of Spain, the Cervantes Institute is tasked with transmitting Spanish culture to the world. CreArtBox will present a program at the main auditorium. ⁠

ARVO PÄRT- Mirror in the mirror
ERNEST BLOCH -3 Nocturnes for Piano Trio

Culture Lab, New York


Ludwig Van Beethoven

Trio Op. 11
for violin, cello & piano

I Allegro con brio

II Adagio

III Theme with variations

Arvo Pärt

Mirror in the mirror for violin & piano

Ernest Bloch

3 Nocturnes for Piano Trio for violin, cello & piano

I. Andante

II. Andante quieto

III. Tempestoso

Guillermo Laporta

Waltz from the opera ballet Two Roads for piano solo
dancer Mary Taylor Hennings

Edward Grieg

Andante con moto
for violin, cello & piano

Timo Andres

Piano Trio
for violin, cello & piano

III. Coda (made of wood)

video art by Sarah K. Williams

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