Cre.Art Project presents their unique and compelling vision of chamber music.

Cre.Art Project presents their unique and compelling vision of chamber music.

August 11, New York: Cre.Art Project presents their unique and compelling vision of chamber music. Cre.Art Project is devoted to reimagining the interdisciplinary arts in the 21st century. Inspired by centuries of artistic tradition, yet focused on a distinctly modern presentation, Cre.Art combines live music with dance and visual art for a unique artistic experience.

Cre.Art Project is a spanish performing art group founded under the idea of a multidisciplinary interaction; creating and producing shows as well as collaborating in all types of projects connected to music, theatre, dance, the audiovisual and the circus arts.

Founded in 2006 by musicians Guillermo Laporta and Tagore Gonzalez, and the subsequent joining of set designer David Orrico, With this project the group is exploring the limits of chamber music’s scenic interpretation.

Since its founding, the group has toured at major festivals in Europe with impressive staging, working with more than 30 musicians and over 200 artists from other disciplines such as painters, choreographers, actors, dancers, acrobats, writers, filmmakers and photographers.

For the August 11 concert, the group will feature several renowned musicians including: the cellist Yves Dharamraj, the violist Nathan Schram, the pianist Josefina Urraca and the flutist Guillermo Laporta.

Cre.Art Project has a strong interest in presenting contemporary music and this upcoming concert will also feature the critically acclaimed bandoneon player JP Jofre performing one of his own original compositions. Two other modern pieces on the concert’s program are the overture to the opera "NOCTUM" (written by Cre.Art Project’s resident composer, Marcos Fernandez), and the piece "Jesus is coming" by Jacob ter Veldhuis. Cre.Art Project will also perform "Vox Balenae" by George Crumb and "Prelude, Recitatif et Variations" for flute, viola and piano by Maurize Duruflé. One of the 19

th centuries most enduring combinations of music with visual elements was Modest Mussorgsky’s "Pictures at an Exhibition." The Cre.Art Project will perform selections from the new production of “Pictures at an Exhibition” – which includes ten visual artists working to create a visual reinterpretation of Mussorgsky’s composition. This performance will present the paintings of Julia Griffin and Samuel Krichmar, along with the choreographies of the dancers Eve and Yung Chang ­ Li. Guillermo Laporta is the curator for the entire performance. He is also the director of the stage, light and scenic design, and has created narrative projections for the show. Ticket links & more info­art­ensmble­august­11th/

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