Call for visual and performing art - Music Collaboration

Call for visual and performing art - Music Collaboration

CreArtBox is looking for artists to collaborate on a series of online classical music performances.

Visual and performing artists of all disciplines and geographic locations are encouraged to apply. The artists will be selected by a panel of CreArtBox Co-Directors based on the quality of their work and commitment to their practice. Artists are highly encouraged to specify how they envision a collaborative cross-disciplinary work to be presented with musicians.

The final delivery medium of the work is a high-definition video that will be premiered on YouTube on April 1st. This collaboration will be fully remote. The artist will be responsible for the video recording of their piece.

We will provide the music and the selected artist will present the work inspired by or related to the music. The repertoire will be classical and new music.

Example of possible collaborations:

• Video artists: Video art based on the music we play
• Sculptors: A video of a sculpture interacting with its surroundings
• Painters: A live painting while listening to our music
• Actors/dancers: Any kind of physical work, including a recorded choreography.
• Photographers: A collection of photographies presented on video with the music
• Physical actors: Actors interacting with an object or an environment while or after listening to our music
• Animators/developers: Animation that interacts in real-time with our music
• Animators/developers: A virtual/augmented reality work

Depending on the footage provided, we will present a virtual experience in the form of video streaming on YouTube, an interactive website, or a virtual/augmented reality experience.

CreArtBox is an NYC-based music organization that builds platforms to generate live art performances and collaborate with world-class artists and ensembles. CreArtBox presents new and traditional music repertoire in intimate concert settings and through full-scale, multidisciplinary productions that incorporate innovative visual and multimedia designs. The group’s core regularly functions as a flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano music ensemble, but holds a roster of over twenty NYC-based soloists, composers, choreographers, actors, and designers.

A small fee and stipend will be provided to cover production costs.


How to Apply

Application Deadline


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Application Instructions

Please submit some examples of your work and a brief description of how you envision the collaboration on our series of online classical music performances.
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