Looking at the future

Looking at the future

We want to use this opportunity to share with you our vision into the future to position CreArtBox as a stronger and larger arts organization in the years to come.

We have developed a plan that outlines a strategic vision for years to come within the context of our mission and goals, considering the competitive environment, as well as our assets.

1. We are prioritizing increasing revenue over decreasing costs. We can’t cut your way to growth, so we are investing in strategies that boost contributed and earned income. Both of these rely on stellar programs and great artists to engage patrons and audiences alike, as well as operational efficiency. 

2. We are focusing on what’s ahead. While we keep addressing immediate issues, we laser focus on artistic programming, board development, donor and press cultivation, and other activities that will support our sustainable future. 

3. We are planning ahead, far ahead. We believe in the bold gesture and mapping a programming schedule at least five years out. This allows sufficient time for our artists to create new work and for our management team to raise money, negotiate partnerships with other institutions and cultivate the press, all of which help to garner audiences and needed resources while building institutional profile.

4. Good art, well-marketed! (a quote from the book “The Art of the Turnaround” by Michael Kaiser).   We are investing substantial resources in promoting upcoming artistic and educational programs, to develop a brand by marketing the organization itself. All of this is being orchestrated via a well-crafted marketing and communications plan.



“Present exceptional classical and new music with a crafted visual aesthetic; through programs designed to foster art commitment in today’s society, promote the creation of new meaningful work, support professional artists, enhance local communities, and inspire future generations.

5 year goals

Produce a major production (ballet/opera) every 2 years

Expand the CreArt Music Festival in New York with 2 editions yearly. 

Increase the number of commissioned artists

Build a stronger online presence 

Create a booking department to expand our productions internationally

Release studio recording of selected productions 

Increase partnerships with local organizations to improve the impact on our community 

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