CQuartet is an ensemble composed of flute, cello, piano, and baritone voice. Based...


CQuartet is an ensemble composed of flute, cello, piano, and baritone voice. Based on the traditional chamber music format, this unique ensemble produces an acoustic duality between the baritone and the flute, sharpening the tonal contrast of the piano and the cello. The resulting sound is ideal for colorful text painting, intimate performances, and experimental composition.

The CQuartet repertoire is rooted in the Western European Classical tradition, drawing on the works of Mendelssohn, Bach, Messiaen, and others. While the core of the ensemble’s repertoire is composed of long-existing chamber masterpieces, CQuartet also fosters the next generation of chamber music by actively seeking early-career composers and commissioning new works for public performance.

After 10 seasons of performances in New York City, CQuartet has evolved as the core ensemble of its parent organization CreArtBox, a presenter committed to producing live art performances encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration, fusing classical and contemporary music with dance, spoken-word, and theatrical design. The group has been awarded grants from the Amphion Foundation, Alice M. Ditson Fund, Spain Arts and Culture, Montehermoso Foundation, and Queens Council on the Arts, and has been featured in The New Yorker and described as “a wholly authentic, visually and aurally compelling experience” (Broadway World) and “a new ensemble devoted to multidisciplinary events” (Time Out New York).

CQuartet’s core members are Guillermo Laporta (flute), Josefina Urraca (piano), Nathaniel Sullivan (baritone), and Julia Yang (cello).

2021 Dec 4