12/2016. Last performance of VISUALITY by CreArtBox.

11/2016. CreArt Music Series at the DiMenna Center with guest artists: Todd Reynolds and Luke Dubois.

03/ 2015. Promo Video for our performance at The Tank Theater.

11/2016. Promo Video for our performance at the Queens Theatre..

03/2014. CreArtBox flutist, Guillermo Laporta. Lipstick by Jacob TV.

12/ 2013. Paris a.m. by CreArtBox. Music by Albert Roussel, Claude Debussy, and Gabriel Pierné.

03-2014. CreArtBox pianist, Josefina Urraca. Hungarian Improvissations, Béla Bartok (selection).

05-2014. SAVVY Chamber Music Showcase. CreArtBox, 2nd Prize, and Audience Award.

08/2013. CreArtBox at the Opera America Center. Prelude Recitatif et Variations by Maurize Durufle (selection).

07/2016. CreArtBox Flutist and pianist, Guillermo Laporta and Josefina Urraca. Promo Video of new CD release.