London “the show”

A musical theater production with more the 100 artists involved. Combining cinema and live theater with live jazz, drum & bass, indian, classical music, contemporary dance, acrobats, video mapping and narrative. A show that makes the city of London, its frenetic pace and its people from all over the world, their common thread. Cinema, theater, dance, circus and live music come together in this show with 18 artists on stage.

“a shocking staging”


Creative Team

Written & directed by
Guillermo Laporta
Tagore González

Story by
Guillermo Laporta
Tagore González

Assistant director
Roger Juliá

Director & dramaturgy assistant
Agustín Arrazola

Music by
Marcos Fernández / Ander García

Costume design by
Carla Orete

Film Crew in London
Lazul Estudios / Charle-Henri Belleville / Charles H. Joslain

Motion Graphics by
Julia Skupny / Israel Rodríguez

Producced by
Cre.Art Project / Colaboración Ganga Producciones & Lazul Estudios