Executive Director
Guillermo Laporta (info@creartbox.nyc)

Managing Director
Josefina Urraca (info@creartbox.nyc)

Marketing Coordinator
Evan Adams (marketing@creartbox.nyc)

Artistic Advisory Board
Joshua Penman
Lewis Lockwood
Sebastian Currier
Todd Reynolds


Founded in 2013 by pianist Josefina Urraca and flutist and composer Guillermo Laporta. CreArtBox is an NYC-based music organization that builds platforms to generate live art performances and collaborate with world-class artists and ensembles.

CreArtBox presents new and traditional music repertoire in intimate concert settings and through full-scale, multidisciplinary productions that incorporate innovative visual and multimedia designs. The group’s core regularly functions as a flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano music ensemble, but holds a roster of over twenty NYC-based soloists, composers, choreographers, actors, and designers.

The organization engages and educates communities by presenting a variety of programs including CreArt Music series in Manhattan, CreArt Music Festival in Queens, the educational program CreArtED, a printed performing arts magazine, a commissioned composers program, and international touring productions.

Mission of the Organization

CreArtBox’s mission is to engage audiences by presenting performances of new music written by emerging and established living composers, classical music from the 17th century onward, as well as outstanding visual and performance designs (set, light, and projection).

We engage and educate audiences by presenting different programs such as the CreArt Music series, the CreArt Music Festival, the multidisciplinary productions and our educational program, CreArtED.

CreArtBox encourages the creation of new compositions of music presented alongside traditional repertoires. We provide creators and performers with a platform for working together, creating, recording and presenting new works to the public.

According to the measurement company Nielsen, classical music’s standing represents a mere 1.4 percent of total music consumption. To counteract this imbalance, CreArtBox promotes the appreciation of fine music through engaging performances and educational programs that foster creativity, contemplation, and beauty.

Society’s spending on art is negligible; yet, art embodies the totality of our legacy. Our group is committed to the commissioning of new music and art for this reason. Far too many concerts are attended only by habitual followers and fail to reach new audiences. With our concerts, we aim to bridge this gap and bring together audiences of all ages, ethnicities, and ages.

CreArtBox is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Fractured Atlas will receive grants for the charitable purposes of CreArtBox, provide oversight to ensure that grant funds are used in accordance with grant agreements, and provide reports as required by the grantor. Contributions for the charitable purposes of CreArtBox must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

SEASON 2020/21

Brian Shank


Guillermo Laporta


Hsiao-Chu Hsia


Julia Yang


Josefina Urraca


Mari Lee


Marieken Cochius


Mizuko Kaji

Set and costume design

Nathaniel Sullivan


Robert Sirvent

Video Artist

Sara C. Sun

video artist

Sarah K. Williams

Visual Artist


Anton Rist, clarinet

Ariadne Greif, soprano

Arte Quartet, guest ensemble

Brigid Coleridge, violin

Can Wang, dancer

Clara Vázquez Ledesma, violin

Doug Perry, percussion

Edjo Wheeler, sculpture

Evan O. Adams, composer

Gregory Robbins, double bass

Isis de Coura, Set and costume designer

Jacopo Rampini, actor

Jane Yoon,harp

Janna Baty, soprano

Jen Fok, light design

Johnna Wu, violin

Jonathan Cohen, clarinet

Joshua Penman,composer

JP Jofre, guest artist, bandoneonist and composer

Julie Berndt, Actress

Keir GoGwilt, violin

Le train Bleu, guest ensemble

Marcos Fernández, composer

Marissa Maislen, dance, acrobatics and choreographer

Mary Taylor Hennings, Dancer

Melanie Clapies, violin

Michelle Ross, violin

Nuno Marques, piano

Parhelion Trio, guest ensemble

Philip Lasser, composer

Ransom Wilson, guest artist & conductor

Reiko Fueting, composer

Rick Cekovsky, actor

Rosalie van Wamel, dancer

Sebastian Currier, composer

Tagore González, Scene direction and choreography

Todd Reynolds, composer

Wei Dai, composer

Yves Dharamraj, cello