All of our productions require a lot of time, talent, and materials to succeed. We need a lot of help to pay for manpower, commissions, rental instruments, venue fees, musicians, designers, stage designs, music scores, costumes, rehearsal studios, recording, publicity… The list goes on and on and it is impossible to cover with just ticket sales.

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“The arts are not just a nice thing to have or to do if there is free time or if one can afford it. Rather, paintings and poetry, music and fashion, design and dialogue, they all define who we are as a people and provide an account of our history for the next generation.”

― Michelle Obama

Our Donors, thank you!

Aaron Kruziki
Alber Hwang
Amelia Calsi, Groundswell Community Mural Project
Anelle Miller, Society of Illustrators
Ann Pyne, McMillen Inc.
Annie Jacobs, Showman Fabricators
Anthony Nappi, Metalliferous Inc
Ariane van Buren
Arturo Paracuellos
Barbara Braun
Beth Campbell
By All Means Save Some (BAMSS) Theatre Works Olive Harney
Carlota Ingrid Garcia
Carmen Urraca
Cindy DiPrima, Jack Studios
Commissioner Carl Weisbrod, NYC Dept of City Planning
Dan Ostrower, Penthouse Manufacturing Company Inc
David Ironside, Micro Tek
David Monn LLC
David Slaven
Dmitriy Tokar
Don Shewey
Donna Evans, Bergdorf Goodman Inc.
Dorothea Steins
Doug Hood
Elena Hernandez Rivero
Elisabeth Schlitten
Elizabeth D’Errico, McKinsey & Company
Ellen Eanet
Elysabeth Kleinhans
Eric Kaston, Cassidy 37 Associates
Esta Cohen, American Eagle Outfitters
Eva Radke, Film Biz Recycling
Evaristo Urraca
Francheska Howard
Friedman Benda
Gabriel de Guzman, Wave Hill
Graham Hanson Design
Helene Weindling, Ralph and France
Ivan Laporta
Jack Loconsolo, Jack Loconsolo & Company
Janusz Jaworski, Chashama
Jen Connor, Science Friday
Jerry Schwartz
Joanne Ricks, NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs
Joe Mangrum
John Herrle, ID Images
John Mason Jr
Jon Steingart, CalsiArs Nova Theater Inc.
Jose María Laporta
Josefina Perez de Diego
Juan Perez
Judith Cantor
Karen Armstrong
Karla Otto, New York Madeline Bourque
Kate, Lanier
Kathleen Drohan, New York Public Radio
Ken Novotny,Cowtan & Tout
Kenneth Cole, Productions Charlynn Walker
Kurt Raabe, Sher Plastics LLC
Landon Slane
Laura Navarro
Lily Colman, David Zwirner Gallery
Liza Springer-Pepper, Contemporary Ballet Theatre (CBT) Inc.
Lorenzo Otín
Lou Albruzzese,Joyce Theater Foundation
Lou Mahr, Design Compendium
Lowell Fox, Production Glue
Lucia Novo
Luisa Laporta
Marc Angelet
Marc Benda
Marcos Fernández
Margaret Caponetto
María Laporta
María Pilar Castillo
Marika Kent
Mark Papendick, Lindenmeyr & Munroe
Marta Castelló
Mary Novoa, Axis Global Logistics
Maryanne Moore, Henry Doneger Associates Inc.
Menzie Shoen, Publicolor Inc.
Mercedes Castillo
Michael Benabib
Michael Leach, Duggal Visual Solutions
Miguel Ángel Escudero
Mindy Duitz
Nitza Schraeter, Adelphi Renting Corp.
Pablo Gonzalez Bernardo
Queens Council on the Arts
Ralph Petrarca, Little Orchestra Society/Orpheon Inc.
Richard Dick, Duane Studio
Ruth Sternberg, Public Theater New York Shakespeare Festival
Samantha Rowe, Museum of Modern Art
Sheri Manson
Siu Li GoGwilt
Stan Gottlieb, Bright Chair Inc.
Stefan Pildes, Brass Tracks Productions
Susan Buckler
Vincent Brancato
Yves Dharamraj

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