Our Mission

Described as “a wholly authentic, visually and aurally compelling experience” (Broadway world) and “a new ensemble devoted to multidisciplinary events” (Time Out New York), CreArtBox merges new music and visual art with cutting-edge technology to create unique performances deeply committed to the production of new music for a wide audience.  The group regularly present music of composers such as Dana Wilson, Donnacha Dennehy, Steve Reich, David Lang, Meredith Monk, Judd Greenstein, Michael Torke, Todd Reynolds, Michael Lowenstern, Sebastian Currier, Marcos Fernandez, Joshua Penman, Joan Tower, Jacob TV, Paul Moravec, and Frederic Rzewski.

Our Vision

CreArtBox is devoted to presenting new chamber music, working closely with commissioned composers on an intimate set up, as well as full-scale productions, presented in large venues with full set, light, projection, sound, and costume design. In the 2015-2016 season, the group commissioned the piece “Mariri” to Joshua Penman, the pieces “Mikado”, “Obertura”, and “Concerto for Flute and Clarinet” to Marcos Fernandez, and a series of solo pieces “Moment of Solitude” to the American composer, Greg Karnilaw.

On every commissioned piece, a complete set of live performance tools, such as live audio and projection controllers, video mapping software, light and projection software to interact with the music, is presented to the composer as part of the ensemble, offering composers a vast creative canvas for their music and a broad perspective of the performance.

Since 2006

Originating in Spain, CreArt presented LONDON THE SHOW, the opera NOCTUM, and CRE.ART PROJECT 1 at leading venues and festivals across Europe including Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and the Segovia International Music Festival.

The group won the Injuve Chamber Music Competition and the Montehermoso Contemporary Creation Award.


Explore our Spanish productions at www.creartproject.com.

Back Stage

Guillermo Laporta

Artistic Director

A flutist, designer, director and producer, based in New York City. As director and producer he presented the musical LONDON THE SHOW, the opera NOCTUMVISUALITY and CRE.ART PROJECT at leading venues and festivals across Europe and America. (www.guillermolaporta.com)

 Josefina Urraca

Managing Director

Attracted to the dialogue with other disciplines, in 2011 she joined the performing arts group Cre.Art Project based in New York and Madrid. In 2015 they have been awarded with the Audience Award and Second Prize at the SMA Chamber Music Competition consolidating the ensemble as CreArtBox. (www.josefinaurraca.com)

CreArtBox Ensemble

The group’s core regularly functions as a flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano music ensemble, but holds a flexible roster of over twenty NYC-based soloists, composers, choreographers, actors, and designers from the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Sleep No More Production, or Carnegie Hall ACJW Ensemble, among others.


Clara Vazquez



Jacopo Rampini



Johnna Wu



Julia Gang



Anton Rist



Nicholas Gallas



Marissa Maislen



Rick Cekovsky



Yves Dharamraj


12/19/13 11:02:03 AM  Jonathan Cohen, Clarinet in studio

 © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2013

Jonathan Cohen



Mizuko Kaji



Jason Fok

light designer

Guest Artists

CreArtBox is dedicated to encouraging the creation of new works by composers from all around the world. The Commissioned Composer program continues to be one of the most important programs for CreArtBox. Also, the collaboration with other artists will be a must-see event in the city’s musical community.

Todd Reynolds

Sebastian Currier

Ramson Wilson

Luke Dubois

Reiko Fueting

Le train bleu